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holy smoke

Hamilton Morris
Alexander Ebert
Cree Summer
Danielle Laporte
Aubrey Marcus
Jill Scott
Sean Stone
Reggie Watts
Stephanie Beatriz
Scott Speedman
Clayton English
Nancy Levin
Regina Meredith
Nikka Costa
Abbi Jacobson + Illana Glazer
Dori Varga
Clarence Greenwood
Mindy Kaling
Aisha Tyler
Latham Thomas
Jenny Slade
Amanda de Cadenet
Tracy McMillian
Dan Dyer
Rainn Wilson
Chelsea Handler
Jessica Williams
Ev'Yan Whitney

My intention with Holy Smoke podcast is to tell untold stories.

In a fresh new way.




Fueled by Cannabis.
Like the scene in the movie where the friends or lovers are saying the very things you hold in your heart.

The existential conversations you have always wanted to have or hear. 

There will be a-ha moments. 

You will laugh.


Learn something new that will inspire you on your journey.

If you are a mover. Shaker. Doer.

A person walking to the beat of your own drum.

You may be the perfect guest. 

Hit the button below to submit a request.

Oh and check out my dream conversations list. 

(You might be on it)

Please allow pop ups to fill out my Typeform

on my webpage or click HERE.

 C O M I N G   S O O N  

A complete PDF Guide that walks you through the process of being a guest on the show.

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